The Moduverse Guidelines

The Moduverse standard follows a standardized structure in surface, height and connections.


All basic modules are 32 x 32 studs just like the common LEGO baseplates.


All basic modules consist of 2 bottom-plates, 1 brick-inbetween and 1 top-plate stacked, in total 2 bricks or 6 plates high.

Top down:

  • 1 plate - "surface"
  • 1 technic brick (Connection Point)
  • 2 bottom-plates

Connection Points

All basic modules have 8 connection points in the shape of 1 x 2 Technic Brick with Axle Hole and Technic Axle 2 Notched in specific spots to ensure compatibility with each other.

Moduverse connection points are located 2 studs from the corners on either side.

"Technic Axle 2 Notched" is the connector between Moduverse modules. Attach these to a connection point on each Moduverse module that you want to connect, and push together.

Variable Connection methods

Some Moduverse variants use 1x2 bricks with pin holes as Connection Points.

To maximize compatibility wither other variants, we use Technic, Axle Pins with Friction Ridges Lengthwise or similar bricks as converters.

These can be used for connecting our basic modules to Moduverse modules with pin holes.

Instructions Are Available

To make it easy to get started with Moduverse, we have created instructions.

The instructions have been made on the premise that they should be as structurally stable as possible for support and transport.

Go to Instructions

The basic Guidelines

If you prefer to build the modules without instructions, that's okay too!

As long as your modules align with the few guidelines outlined above, you can build them however you want and out of whatever bricks you want.

Best Practice

If you want more flexibility by utilizing half-sized or quarter-sized basic modules, you can do so by adding more connection points using Moduverse+.